AT A Glance: UEI NevoSL Universal Controller

AT A Glance: UEI NevoSL Universal Controller


Media Requirements
NevoMedia Manager PC requirements:
Windows XP, 256 MB RAM, 170 MB of free space
Supported Media:
Music: WAV, MP3, WMA (with DRM)
Video: AVI, DVR-MS, WMV created for Pocket PC, WMV with DRM (control only)

Communication: IR, Wi-Fi/802.11b
Other Connection Types: USB
Screen Size and Type: 3.5-inch TFT LCD Touchscreen
Resolution: 320 by 240
Learning or Preprogrammed: Learning
Buttons Reassignable: Yes
Memory: 32 MB RAM / 64 MB SDRAM
Backlighting: Yes
Battery Type: Lithium ion, charging cradle with AC/DC adapter
(H x W x D, inches): 0.75 x 3 x 7.5
Weight (pounds): 0.5
Price: $999

Ratings: UEI NevoSL Universal Controller

Build Quality: 91
• Large touchscreen for a non-tablet remote; it has good color and contrast
• Has an attractive charging base
• 1,350-milliampere-hour lithium-ion battery

Value: 89
• Pricey by consumer-remote standards, and professional programming is necessary
• Offers the flexibility of more expensive custom controllers

Features: 94
• Download device codes from Internet
• Fully customizable touchscreen
• Not Mac compatible

Performance: 92
• Advanced control of A/V, automation, and UPnP devices
• Stylus improves touchscreen's responsiveness

Ergonomics: 94
• One-handed use is possible
• A logical setup process for installers
• Includes stylus with built-in holder

Overall Rating: 92
The NevoSL has the flexibility and functionality to control a wide range of systems, but it's an especially compelling choice for the converged home.

General Information
NevoSL Universal Controller, $999
Universal Electronics, Inc.
(714) 820-1000

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